Our strategy

Our aim is to grow rapidly in the hyper-casual area and run marketing campaigns for this game genre. The flexible structure of development teams enables the Group to dynamically allocate its resources to the projects where it sees the greatest revenue potential.

Our strategy relies on three pillars of diversified revenue. The BoomBit Group’s core activity is internal development and release of games as well as BoomHits publishing activity as part of which we cooperate with external mobile game development studios. BoomHits is still a startup, yet one boasting its first publishing successes, such as Shoe Race and Kiss in Public, and an appreciated partner for aspiring mobile game developers. The intensive work at the stage of selection and tests carried out by BoomHits allows us to find outstanding development studios with which we conclude Joint Venture agreements and earn together as part of the third pillar of our business.



Games developed and published by BoomBit were regularly ranked among the TOP10 most frequently downloaded mobile games for iPhone and iPad in more than one hundred countries around the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom.



BoomHits is a vehicle for establishing Joint Ventures with the best studios, which are identified through intensive work at the stage of selection and tests in BoomHits. Cooperation with external studios begins with a single partnership as part of which strategic support is offered by experts in UA, BI and monetization as well as any tools used for the games launched by BoomBit.



Joint Ventures are the ultimate cooperation model following the stage of selection and tests performed in BoomHits, which assumes long-term cooperation with the selected studios during which the profitability of the published games is maximized. The following Joint Ventures have been established with the studios behind the best games published by BoomHits: PlayEmber with ADC Games (developer of Hyper Cards and SuperHero Race) and SkyLoft with Cappuccino (developer of Shoe Race).

Growth directions


The versatile skills of the Group’s specialist team in the area of development, marketing and analysis of game monetization parameters permit the Group to flexibly respond to and adapt its business to the current market conditions.

We assume that the growth in the hyper-casual area, supported with marketing campaigns, will result in a significant increase in the share of revenue from advertising in the total revenue structure. With the increase in the revenue generated from hyper-casual games in mind, the Group develops its portfolio in this segment by releasing both its own titles and ones created by external development studios.

We do not exclude the launch of other mid-core games in the future. Moreover, the Group will continue publishing games for the Nintendo Switch platform and maintain its present portfolio of the game genres where it has the position of the leading developer Driving Simulator and Bridge games.

We find it reasonable to further diversify our revenue sources by adapting the games launched by the Company and Group Companies to date on the iOS and Android platforms to other platforms.

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