BoomBit and Cherrypick Games sign a JV Agreement

BoomBit Group, one of the largest Polish gaming companies, and Cherrypick Games, developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, listed on NewConnect, have signed a cooperation agreement under a Joint Venture company. The companies plan to coordinate their efforts and know-how in respective areas in order to publish mobile games from the “Merge” genre.

As part of our cooperation with Cherrypick Games, we plan to publish primarily Merge games prepared by our partner. The development is already advanced and the first title of this type may be launched at the end of this year. We also have the option of releasing other games that are almost ready and we will be testing their scalability soon. We see great potential in those games and we want to use the tools available to the BoomBit Group to promote them. I am convinced that our extensive experience and previous successes will allow for an efficient release of these games as well as effective sales and marketing activities.

Marcin Olejarz Co-CEO of BoomBit S.A.

According to the signed joint venture agreement, the BoomBit Group will own 60% and Cherrypick Games 40% of the shares in PlayHolding, the name of which is to be changed to BoomPick Games. Cherrypick brings engines for creating Merge and Casual World Building Simulation games to the newly created company, and BoomBit will be responsible for financing the development and release of the games, distribution, marketing creatives and User Acquisition activities.

The combination of our product know-how with the capabilities and proven effectiveness of BoomBit in terms of user acquisition and marketing will allow us to create a strong developer and publisher of Merge games. We also want to take advantage of the opportunity to quickly introduce promising World Building Simulation games to the market as well as refresh and release evergreens from the Cherrypick Games portfolio.

Marcin Kwaśnica CEO of Cherrypick Games

Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since May 2019, the BoomBit Group is a globally recognized brand on the mobile gaming market, one of the pillars of which is cooperation with other development studios. TapNice, SkyLoft and PlayEmber are among the established and successful Joint Venture publishing companies. Proprietary BoomBit solutions in the field of BI and UA allow the teams to conduct effective activities supporting the commercial success of games.

Listed on NewConnect since 2018 Cherrypick Games S.A. specializes in the production of games for mobile devices. The most important titles from the segment of free2play casual games from the company’s production portfolio include: My Hospital, My Spa Resort, Sports Hero and the Touchdown Hero series.

About BoomBit S.A.


BoomBit S.A. is an international developer and publisher of mobile games, and one of the largest Polish video game companies. It operates on the global market, creating free-to-play (F2P) games for iOS, Android, as well as Nintendo Switch. Among the most popular BoomBit Group titles are  Hunt Royale, Darts Club, High School Popular Girls, Jump into the Plane, Hyper Cards, SuperHero Race, Crazy Plane Landing, Construction Ramp Jumping, Crazy Plane Landing, Car Driving School Simulator, Hyper Knight, Kiss in Public, Slingshot Stunt Driver and Bike Jump.