BoomBit documents
BoomBit documents

BoomBit Group revenue for August 2023

  • Revenue from sales: $4.28M
  • Revenue less UA & platform fees: $1.49M
  • TOP THREE games: Hunt Royale, Darts Club, Car Driving School Simulator
[$M] July August % change m/m
Revenue from sales 4.67 4.28 -8.3%
Platform fees 0.53 0.44 -16.2%
User Acquisition 2.26 2.34 +3.9%
Revenue less UA & platform fees 1.88 1.49 -20.7%

The BoomBit Group had $4.28M (-8.3%) sales revenue in August. User Acquisition expenses increased to $2.34M (+3.8%) and platform fees decreased to $0.44M (-16.2%). BoomBit Group revenues less UA and platform fees amounted to $1.49M (-20.7%) and number of downloads of games was 15.5M.

Lower sales revenue, while User Acquisition increased, meant that despite $0.1M in revenue from blockchain projects, the August result cleared by UA and platform fees suffered significantly. A major contributor to the result was lower revenue from Hunt Royale, which was driven by lower UA spend in previous months and the testing of a new approach to the in-game bidding system, which unfortunately did not work. We are now working on one of the biggest Hunt Royale updates the game has had to date, which will give players access to new characters, artifacts and functionality. The update is planned for Q4, so we have significantly increased marketing spend on Hunt Royale in August in order to grow the user base by then. In September we are also planning the release of a new game called Idle Farm, whose soft launch results are very promising. There are a number of interesting titles in testing that we will be releasing on our own and on the basis of publishing agreements signed with external parties this year.

Marcin Olejarz Co-CEO of BoomBit S.A.
Marcin Olejarz, CEO BoomBit

In August 2023, the best top-earning games were Hunt Royale ($1.2M), Darts Club ($0.6M), and Car Driving School Simulator ($0.3M). Revenue from Hyper-Casual games amounted to $1.6M and accounted for approximately 37% of the BoomBit Group’s revenue structure.

 August 2023 – TOP Five

  1. Hunt Royale $1.235M
  2. Darts Club $0.561M
  3. Car Driving School Simulator $0.291M
  4. Crazy Plane Landing $0.120M
  5. Bike Jump $0.118M