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BoomBit Group revenue for December 2022

  • Revenue from games: $5.53M
  • Revenue less UA & platform fees: $2M
  • TOP 3 games: Hunt Royale, Darts Club, Falling Art Ragdoll Simulator
[$M]NovemberDecember% change m/m
Revenue from games5.175.53+7.0%
Platform fees0.490.71+44.2%
User Acquisition2.862.82-1.5%
Revenue less UA & platform fees1.822.0010.1%

In recent months, we have focused on further improving tools for managing marketing campaigns in Mid-Core games, as well as improving their monetization, in particular by optimizing sales offers. Due to the holiday season, we began scaling Hunt Royale and Darts Club more intensively from mid-November, which, together with the new offers introduced in December, contributed to the increase in revenue and the very good results of Mid-Core games in December. In turn, the lack of new releases and limited spending on User Acquisition translated into lower revenues in the Hyper-Casual games segment. Together with the results for December, we can already summarize another record-breaking year for the BoomBit Group, in which we improved revenues from games by over 22%. Hunt Royale, which was the top-earning title in our portfolio in each of the last 12 months, generated almost $18.1M in 2022. We are planning several interesting launches in the near future and we expect them to have a significant impact on the results in 2023.

Marcin Olejarz Co-CEO of BoomBit S.A.

The BoomBit Group had $5.53M (+7.0% m/m) revenue from games in December 2022.  User Acquisition expenses decreased to $2.82M (-1.5% m/m), while platform fees increased to $0.71M (+44.2% m/m). As a result, revenues less UA and platform fees amounted to $2M (+10.1% m/m), and the total number of downloads of games from the BoomBit Group in December was 16.6 million. The two top-earning games were Hunt Royale ($2.27M) and Darts Club ($0.51M). Revenue from Hyper-Casual games amounted to $2.24M and accounted for approximately 41% of the BoomBit Group’s revenue structure. Falling Art Ragdoll Simulator generated the highest revenue among Hyper-Casual games ($0.42M).

December 2022 – TOP 5

  1. Hunt Royale $2.271M
  2. Darts Club $0.512M
  3. Falling Art Ragdoll Simulator $0.420M
  4. Crazy Plane Landing $0.238M
  5. Car Driving School Simulator $0.226M

The BoomBit Group had $66M (+6.41%) revenue from games and 270M downloads. Top earnings games were Hunt Royale ($18.1M), Darts Club ($5.1M) and Crazy Plane Landing ($3.6M).

2022 – TOP 10
  1.  Hunt Royale $18.141M
  2.  Darts Club $5.127M
  3.  Crazy Plane Landing $3.604M
  4.  Car Driving School Simulator $2.826M
  5.  Falling Art Ragdoll Simulator $2.676M
  6.  Dog Life Simulator $2.463M
  7.  Construction Ramp Jumping $2.438M
  8.  Hyper Cards $1.526M
  9.  Try to Fly $1.496M
  10.  Cargo Parking $1.471M