BoomBit documents
BoomBit documents

BoomBit Group revenue for December 2023

  • Revenue from sales: $5.24M
  • Revenue less UA & platform fees: $1.55M
  • TOP THREE games: Hunt Royale, Darts Club, Car Driving School Simulator
[$M]NovemberDecember% change m/m
Revenue from sales4.675.24+12.1%
–       including mobile games4.635.19+12.0%
Platform fees0.420.44+5.0%
User Acquisition2.803.25+15.8%
Revenue less UA & platform fees1.451.55+7.0%

The BoomBit Group had $5.24M (+12.1%) revenue from sales in December, including $5.19M from mobile games (+12.0%) and 0.04 from blockchain projects (+20.9%). User Acquisition expenses amounted to $3.25M (+15.8%), and platform fees to $0.44M (+5.0%). In total, the Group had in December $1.55M (+7.0%) of revenue, less UA and platform fees and 18.4 million  downloads.

In December, we improved the revenues of the mobile gaming segment by several percent, while intensively increasing spending on User Acquisition. The effects, largely related to the December holiday season, will also be seen in the following months. As expected, Darts Club saw a significant increase in revenues and the best monthly performance this year, which was the result of the recently concluded World Darts Championships and our well-prepared campaign. In December, we also released a major update for Hunt Royale, and higher marketing expenses also translated into increased revenues from Hyper-Casual games. Along with the December results, we can also summarize the entire year of 2023, in which revenues from mobile games amounted to $57M. The challenging market environment and dynamic changes in game consumption have led to this result being weaker than last year's, but during this time we also worked intensively on preparing several significant titles, which we will soon be releasing. We are counting on them, along with the blockchain segment and our additional initiatives, to have a significant impact on BoomBit Group's revenues in 2024.

Marcin Olejarz CEO of Boombit
Marcin Olejarz, CEO BoomBit

Revenue from Hyper-Casual games amounted to $2.2M and accounted for approximately 42% of the BoomBit Group’s revenue structure. In December 2023, the best top-earning games were Hunt Royale ($1.1M), Darts Club ($0.9M), and Car Driving Simulator ($0.3M).

December 2023 – TOP Five

  1. Hunt Royale $1.116M
  2. Darts Club $0.856M
  3. Car Driving School Simulator $0.310M
  4. Idle Farm $0.221M
  5. Momlife Simulator $0.217M

The BoomBit Group had $56.9M (-13.8%) revenue from games and 182M downloads. Top earnings games were Hunt Royale ($18.1M), Darts Club ($5.1M) and Crazy Plane Landing ($3.6M).

2023 – TOP 10

  1. Hunt Royale $17.97M
  2. Darts Club $7.12M
  3. Car Driving School Simulator $3.04M
  4. Crazy Plane Landing  $2.07M
  5. Falling Art Ragdoll Simulator $1.83M
  6. Ship Ramp Jumping $1.68M
  7. Mining Fever $1.32M
  8. Dog Life Simulator  $1.13M
  9. Base Jump Wingsuit Gliding $1.06M
  10. Idle Farm $1.05M