BoomBit Group revenue for July 2022

  • Revenue from games: $5.83M
  • Revenue less UA & platform fees: $2.01M
  • Top 3 games: Hunt Royale, Falling Art Ragdoll Simulator, Construction Ramp Jumping
[$M]JuneJuly% change m/m
Revenue from games6.125.83-4.9%
Platform fees0.530.49-7.4%
User Acquisition3.623.32-8.1%
Revenue less UA & platform fees1.982.01+1.9%

In July 2022, the revenue from the games of the BoomBit Group amounted to $5.83M (-4.9% m/m). Platform commission costs fell to $0.49M (-7.4% m/m), and User Acquisition expenses decreased to $3.32M (-8.1% m/m). Revenues less UA and platform commissions amounted to $2.01M (+1.9% m/m). The total number of downloads of games from the BoomBit Group in the last month was 25.7 million.

Almost $6 million of revenue from games is definitely a reason to be satisfied. Holidays are traditionally a slightly weaker period for us, but the results achieved show that, thanks to a diversified portfolio of games and effective User Acquisition, we are able to maintain a high pace regardless of the circumstances. Hunt Royale and games from the Hyper-Casual segment had the greatest impact on the July results. It's worth mentioning that Crazy Plane Landing and Construction Ramp Jumping, which were released nearly a year ago, are still among our most popular titles. Since their release, these games have been downloaded 27 million and 16 million times, respectively.

Marcin Olejarz Co-CEO of BoomBit S.A.

Last month we announced that we will be scaling up our User Acquisition effort in Hunt Royale, but eventually we decided to focus on further improvements in monetization of the game. We identified several areas that should positively translate into retention parameters and conversion to payer in a relatively short term. We want to launch the game update first, and then scale it intensively. I am convinced that this approach will enable us to conduct extensive marketing campaigns to the benefit of our long-term results. But even without the UA increase, July was the second best month in the history of the game. – says Marcin Olejarz, Co-CEO of BoomBit S.A.

We are currently observing negative market sentiment for companies from our sector. The availability of financing for development studios has decreased, and the number of IPOs slowed down as well. We see it as our chance. BoomBit’s liquidity situation is more than good, we have great and scalable BI tools, and we employ world-class User Acquisition specialists, so we want to release more games. We will work intensively to acquire new or already started projects, which in our opinion will be worth the investment. This model of collaboration is already working well in BoomHits, therefore we want to develop it also in new genres such as Casual and Mid-Core. We are open to cooperation. – he adds.

Revenue from Hyper-Casual games amounted to $3.51 million and accounted for 60% of the BoomBit Group’s revenue structure in July. Hunt Royale, a Mid-Core game that generated $1.48M in revenues, remained the best-earning title. Falling Art Ragdoll Simulator, Construction Ramp Jumping, and Crazy Plane Landing were also among the most popular games.

July 2022 – Top 5

  1. Hunt Royale $1.48M
  2. Falling Art Ragdoll Simulator $0.385M
  3. Construction Ramp Jumping $0.375M
  4. Crazy Plane Landing $0.364M
  5. Dog Life Simulator $0.340M

On July 18, BoomBit paid PLN 0.55 per share in dividends from the profit earned in 2021. Together with the advance payment on November 10, 2021, the shareholders received PLN 0.79 per share. Last year was the first year for which the company paid a dividend. In line with the adopted policy, the company wants to regularly pay dividends of 40-80% of the consolidated net result.