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BoomBit games

BoomBit Group revenue for July 2023

  • Revenue from sales: $4.67M
  • Revenue less UA & platform fees: $1.88M
  • TOP THREE games: Hunt Royale, Darts Club, Car Driving School Simulator
[$M] June July % change m/m
Revenue from sales 4.36 4.67 +6.9%
Platform fees 0.48 0.53 +10.8%
User Acquisition 2.19 2.26 +3.3%
Revenue less UA & platform fees 1.70 1.88 +10.6%

The BoomBit Group had $4.67M (+6.9%) sales revenue in July. User Acquisition expenses increased to $2.26M (+3.3%) and platform fees to $0.53M (+10.8%). BoomBit Group revenues less UA and platform fees amounted to $1.88M (+10.6%) and number of downloads of games was 15.4 million.

In July, we recorded an increase in revenue, with a slight increase in spending on User Acquisition. Higher efficiency translated into an increase in revenue less UA, and the USD 1.88 million achieved at this level is the second best result this year. In the group of Hyper-Casual games, revenue from Bike Jump increased significantly, which is the result of well-conducted new marketing campaigns. It is a confirmation of the effectiveness of our campaigns on games that were released even a few years ago. In late July, the Hunters On-Chain game was released on Polygon Mainnet. It is currently the eighth most-played game on the Polygon chain, with an average playtime reaching two hours. This is a successful start that allows us to be optimistic about the game's performance in the future when scaling begins. With the release of the game, BoomLand NFT trading also saw a sharp increase. In July, the cumulative trading volume of our NFTs reached 22.6K. In recent days, BoomLand NFT has been one of the most popular tokens on the Magic Eden platform.

Marcin Olejarz. Co-CEO of BoomBit S.A.
Marcin Olejarz, CEO BoomBit

In July 2023, the best top-earning games were Hunt Royale ($1.5M), Darts Club ($0.5M),  and Car Driving School Simulator ($0.4M). Revenue from Hyper-Casual games amounted to $1.8M and accounted for approximately 38% of the BoomBit Group’s revenue structure.

 July 2023 – TOP 5

  1. Hunt Royale $1.515M
  2. Darts Club $0.484M
  3. Car Driving School Simulator $0.354M
  4. Bike Jump $0.144M
  5. Crazy Plane Landing $0.137M