BoomBit shareholders
BoomBit shareholders

BoomBit Group revenue for May 2023

  • Revenue from sales: $5.1M
  • Revenue less UA & platform fees: $1.7M
  • TOP THREE games: Hunt Royale, Darts Club, Mining Fever
[mln PLN] April May % change m/m
Revenue from sales 5.60 5.05 -9.9%
Platform fees 0.61 0.56 -7.4%
User Acquisition 3.14 2.78 -11.6%
Revenue less UA & platform fees 1.84 1.70 -7.7%

The BoomBit Group had $5.1M (-9.9%) sales revenue in May. User Acquisition expenses decreased to $2.78M (-11.6%) and platform fees to $0.56M (-7.4%). As a result the BoomBit Group revenues less UA and platform fees amounted to $1.70M (-7.7%) and number of downloads of games was 14 million.

In May, we recorded lower revenues in both HC and Mid-Core games, but at the same time we incurred lower UA expenses. As usual, Hunt Royale and Darts Club delivered solid results. Among the top-earning games that were recently released were games such as Mining Fever and Ship Ramp Jumping. It is worth paying particular attention to the first game in which we see great potential. We are working intensively on further partnership agreements that will bring interesting projects published with external entities to our portfolio in the near future. So far, we have already signed several cooperation agreements, and more cooperations are being prepared. We are also waiting for the premiere of Hunters On-Chain from BoomLand. The community of players focused around this game, as well as the financing gathered so far and the interest of many significant partners, shows that this may be one of the most important events on the blockchain gaming market in the near future.

Marcin Olejarz Co-CEO of BoomBit S.A

In May 2023, the best top-earning games were Hunt Royale ($1.6M) and Darts Club ($0.6M). Revenue from Hyper-Casual games amounted to $1.9M and accounted for approximately 38% of the BoomBit Group’s revenue structure.

May 2023 – TOP 5

  1. Hunt Royale $1.646M
  2. Darts Club $0.558M
  3. Mining Fever $0.270M
  4. Car Driving School Simulator $0.251M
  5. Ship Ramp Jumping $0.232M