BoomBit Group revenue in July 2020

  • Revenue in July 2020: 9.8M PLN, UA: 4.7M PLN, platform commissions 0.9M PLN
  • Revenue in July 2020 after deducting platform commissions and UA: +10% m/m
  • Revenue for the 7 months of 2020 accounted for around 80M PLN
  • BoomBit games downloads in 2020 exceeded 127M

Revenue after deducting marketing costs related to user acquisition and distribution platforms commissions accounted for around 4.2M PLN in July in comparison to around 3.8M in June 2020 (+10% m/m).

In total during the 7 months of 2020 (January – July 2020 period) the estimated revenue of BoomBit Group games accounted for around 80M PLN (49.7M PLN in the entirety of 2019). Marketing costs in that period  added up to 40M PLN in comparison to 13M PLN during the entirety of 2019.

In July 2020 the total number of BoomBit Group game downloads added up to around 19M (in comparison to around 15M in June 2020). At the end of July the total number of games downloaded in 2020 exceeded 127M.

At the end of June a new hypercasual game – Car Mechanic – was released. Another one – Bike Jump – was released on the 24th of July.  Since its release Car Mechanic was downloaded around 6M times, while Bike Jump saw around 3M downloads. Plans for the second half of the year include the release of a GaaS game – Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon and additional hypercasual games.

„On the 24th of July we’ve successfully introduced a new hypercasual game – Bike Jump – to the market. Since its release it  has been downloaded around 3M times. It is a very good result, and the game could become our next hit. Likewise, another recently-released hypercasual game – Car Mechanic – piqued the players’ interest and has been downloaded almost 6M times to date, generating satisfactory revenue”said Marcin Olejarz, President of the Management Board of BoomBit S.A.

„In July we’ve continued with marketing campaigns for our key GaaS games that we consistently develop and that still attract news players. It’s worth noting that during July we’ve also managed to increase the revenue from our other segments, i.e. legacy games and Nintendo Switch”, adds Marcin Olejarz.

„While publishing our Q1 report we’ve mentioned entering partnership with external mobile games developers that have decided to work with us encouraged by the success and high rankings of our games. We’ve already entered into agreements with experienced developers from around the world – e.g. Australia, Brazil, India, and Turkey – that have previously worked on internationally successful games. That solidifies our global renown and high interest in working with us among developers. That will allow us to expand and additionally improve our games portfolio – we expect to see the first results of partnering with external developers this year”, said Hannibal Soares, BoomBit vice-president.

„To sum up – increased revenue along with successful releases, properly scaled marketing spending, and a full release pipeline that includes externally developed games – all of that will positively impact BoomBit Group financial results this year”, emphasized Marcin Olejarz.