BoomBit Group revenue in June 2021

  • Third best month in the history of the Group
  • Revenue from games: USD 5.6M (-26% m/m)
  • Revenue less UA & platform fees: USD 2.1M (-14% m/m)
  • World’s biggest Hyper-Casual competition launched by BoomHits
Revenue from games28.021.4-23%
Platform fees1.71.6-5%
User Acquisition17.511.9-32%
Revenue less UA & platform fees8.87.9-9%

Even though June results were lower than the record level in May, it was still the 3rd best month in the history of the BoomBit Group. It was also already the 4th month in a row with revenue surpassing the 20 mln PLN threshold. And it was achieved without significant new releases in June. Other business lines – BoomHits and our Joint Ventures contributed again. We are satisfied that the games released in the previous months are still generating good results.

Marcin Olejarz Co-CEO of BoomBit S.A.

Revenue from Hyper-Casual games was an essential part of the results as in the previous months, but was lower than in May which was due to the lack of new releases. The newest Mid-Core games Hunt Royale and Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon together recorded in June another 0.5M downloads and significantly contributed to achieving one of the highest revenue levels in the Group’s history. Two other pillars of diversified revenue of the BoomBit Group: External publishing (BoomHits) and Joint Ventures, contributed to the results again. Make It Fly from TapNice has exceeded ~10.5M total downloads, and SuperHero Race from ADC Games, released in May, already has ~6M downloads.

In June BoomHits announced the world’s biggest Hyper-Casual competition. Any developer or studio can submit a game and join the competition which is open worldwide and will run for six weeks, closing on August 3rd. The selection of the most promising games will be based on retention and CPI metrics. The top three games that will be successfully launched by BoomHits will win USD 0.25M prize each. Along with industry-recognized sponsors, BoomHits established a USD 2M prize fund.

We are really excited about the BoomHits Hyper-Casual Game Competition. We want to empower Hyper-Casual game developers and studios, everyone has a chance to join and submit a game even if they have already published other Hyper-Casual games. There are also no restrictions on the type of games which can be submitted, we are open to all ideas. We want to share our knowledge and help create new types and styles of Hyper-Casual games. I’m sure this will be a really great event, which has already raised great interest in the industry. It is significant that some of the leaders in the Hyper-Casual games industry, such as Luna Labs, MoPub and Snap have all joined with us to put together the Biggest ever Hyper-Casual competition with a prize fund of USD 2 million.

Hannibal Soares Co-CEO of BoomBit S.A.