BoomBit Group revenue in October 2020

  • Total game revenue in October: 12.6M PLN (-11% month to month)
  • Total BoomBit Group revenue in October after deducting platform holders’ provisions and UA: 5.8M PLN (-12% month to month)
  • Hyper-casual segment revenue in October after deducting platform holders’ provisions and UA: 4M PLN – the Group is maintaining very good results for that segment
  • Total revenue for the 10 months of 2020: 118M PLN total from games and more than 178M downloads
  • BoomBit Group is one of the most dynamically expanding hyper-casual developer

In October 2020 the total revenue of the BoomBit Group was 12.6M PLN (-11% month to month). The marketing costs for that period were around 6.2M (-10% month to month), while the platform provision cost was 0.6M PLN (-20% month to month). In October the Group did not earn from Tanks A Lot!, for which the distribution agreement ended in September.

Between January and October 2020 the estimated revenue of the BoomBit Group has reached ca. 118M PLN with 58M PLN in marketing costs.

In October 2020 the total number of downloads of BoomBit Group’s games was 14M. The most popular game of October was Slingshot Stunt Driver, a project developed by TapNice, a studio of the BoomBit Group. The mobile game has been downloaded more than 3.3M times (in total since August it has been downloaded 11M times), while Guns Master, which was launched in September, was downloaded more than 3M times. At the end of October the total number of BoomBit games has reached 178M since the beginning of the year 2020.

In November the Group is planning to release more hyper-casual games. The Group also has in its portfolio 12 titles for the Nintendo Switch platform and is planning to release a Switch version of Ramp Car Jumping in November.

According to the mobile game industry sitereport, after 3 quarters of 2020 BoomBit is one of the most dynamically expanding hyper-casual developer in the world, along with such well-known companies as Rollic Games or HOMA Games. At the moment we have more than a dozen hyper-casual games in our portfolio. The most popular ones was downlaoded 500,000 – 1,000,000 downloads a month, not counting the month of their launch, when the number of downloads is naturally the highest. In the coming weeks we will be launching more hyper-casual games, developed both by our internal teams and external developers. The results of our games measured in downloads and generated revenue confirm that the decision to focus on hyper-casual games yet again was a perfect strategic move, showcasing our deep experience and considerable abilities in this highly prospective segment. We are also working on launching next Switch titles – says Marcin Olejarz, President of the Management Board of BoomBit S.A.

In October we generated a total revenue of 12.6M PLN and 5.8M PLN after deducting UA and provisions costs, which is still one of the best results for this year, close to our record numbers in March and September.  This is a particularly good result especially so that this month we did not have any revenue from Tanks A Lot! – adds Hannibal Soares, Vice-President of BoomBit S.A.