BoomBit Group revenue in September 2020

  • Total BoomBit Group revenue in September after deducting platform holders’ provisions and UA: 6.6M PLN (+22% month to month
  • Hyper-casual segment revenue in September after deducting platform holders’ provisions and UA: 4.4M PLN (+39% month to month) – the best monthly result in the Group’s history.
  • Total game revenue in September: 14.2M PLN (+19% month to month.
  • Total revenue for the 9 months of 2020: 105M PLN total from games and more than 164M downloads
  • Total game revenue for 3Q2020: 36M PLN (Q1 2020: 37M PLN, Q2 2020: 32M PLN)

In September 2020 the total revenue of the BoomBit Group was 14.2M PLN (+19% month to month). The marketing costs for that period were around 6.9M (+25% month to month), while the platform provision cost was 0.8M PLN (-21% month to month).

Between January and September, the estimated revenue of the BoomBit Group has reached ca. 105M PLN with 52M PLN in marketing costs. When looking at quarters, for Q3 2020 the estimated game revenue was 36M PLN (previous quarters: 37M PLN in Q1 2020, 32M PLN in Q2 2020).

In September 2020 the total number of downloads of BoomBit Group’s games was 16M. Slingshot Stunt Driver was the most popular game of that month. This project is developed by TapNice studio, part of the BoomBit Group. In September 2020 the game was downloaded 3.5M times, while since its launch is has been downloaded nearly 8M times. At the end of September the total number of BoomBit games has reached 164M since the beginning of the year 2020.

In September 2020 the Group has launched Guns Master, Mega Ramp Car Jumping and Swipe Fight (created in co-operation with an external studio from Australia), as well as Car Driving School for the Nintendo Switch.

Again we have reached a doubl digit increase in our revenue month to month, mainly thanks to the outstanding performance of hyper-casual games. This was possible because we focused our efforts and strategy on the hyper-casual segment and continuous improvement of our User Acquisition tools. The success of Slingshot Stunt Driver, confirmed by high revenue and download count, shows that we are able to regularly launch games that are successful. The dynamic growth of the hyper-casual segment allows us to achieve incredibly good revenue and download numbers each month. In the nearest future we will be launching new hyper-casual titles, including those prepared in co-operation with external studios, just as we planned – says Marcin Olejarz, President of the Management Board of BoomBit S.A

We have introduced many changes to our internal development process to adapt it to the character of the hyper-casual genre and additionally, we are investing heavily in our publishing department. At the same time we are still expanding our games. We update our GaaS games regularly, work on launching new titles for the Nintendo Switch platform, where we already have published 11 titles – adds Marcin Olejarz.