BoomBit Group revenue in September 2021

  • Revenue from games: USD 5.33M (+10% m/m)
  • Revenue from Hyper-Casual games increased by 25% m/m
  • Revenue less UA & platform fees: USD 1.86M (-1% m/m)
  • 22.4M downloads, the lifetime total number of downloads exceeded 1B
  • Top three games: Hunt Royale, ConstructionRamp Jumping, Kiss in Public
[USD M]AugustSeptemberChange m/m %
Revenue from games4.835.33+10%
Platform fees0.320.28-11%
User Acquisition2.633.18+21%
Revenue less UA & platform fees1.881.86-1%


September was one of the most important months in the history of the BoomBit Group. For the fifth time this year, we have exceeded USD 5M in revenue from games in one month, and just recently we published historically record results for the first half of 2021. In recent days, we have also announced the planned payment of an advance dividend, and above all, we have exceeded the symbolic threshold of 1B downloads of our games. Only a few companies in the world have achieved such a result. Given the current scale of operations, we expect the next billion downloads in a much shorter period of time than the first one.

Marcin Olejarz CEO

Hyper-Casual games, the development of which the BoomBit Group focuses on, generated 25% higher revenue when compared to August and constitutes the most important part of total revenues. The most popular HC games which had the largest share in the revenues generated in September were Construction Ramp Jumping and Kiss in Public, both released in August. At the same time, a 21% increase in marketing expenses was caused by the intensification of promotional activities concerning mainly these titles. Other games that had significant impact on September’s results were Slingshot Stunt Driver and Hyper Cards (from ADC Games). The aforementioned increase in UA costs was also influenced by the Mid-Core game Hunt Royale.

I am glad that we are working hard on games in all our three business lines: new games developed internally, external publishing projects and joint ventures. Construction Ramp Jumping released by BoomBit is our next successful game this year. One of the most popular games in September was Kiss in Public from BoomHits, and an equally interesting game is Hyper Cards, released by ADC Games, one of our JVs. Hyper Cards is a collectible card game, which recreates the social, community-driven experience of playing fantasy card games. Players open packs, trade items, hunt for the rarest and most valuable cards in order to create their own collections.

Hannibal Soares Co-CEO of BoomBit S.A.