Over 200M BoomBit games downloads in 2020

It is with great pleasure and pride that BoomBit can announce a phenomenal 2020 in terms of games downloads. During those 12 months various BoomBit Group games were downloaded over 200 million times in total.

That success was made possible in huge part thanks to hyper-casual games, which contributed to over 143M downloads. From them a few games are especially worth noting in that they’re all managed to surpass 10M downloads:

  • Ramp Car Jumping – 38M downloads
  • Will it Shred? – 16.6M downloads
  • Slingshot Stunt Driver & Spor‪t‬ – 14.2M downloads
  • Stunt Truck Jumping – 11.4M downloads
  • Car Mechanic – 11M downloads

There are also over a dozen other BoomBit Group hyper-casual games that contributed to over 143M hyper-casual downloads in 2020. Their total success assures us of the effectiveness of our publishing strategy in that segment.