Tiny Gladiators, a unique combination of an RPG and a Fighting game, comes to the Nintendo Switch!

After taking the mobile gaming market by storm, Tiny Gladiators is ready to invite new players on the Nintendo Switch to join in for a great adventure! With its hand-painted cartoon-like graphics, simple yet deep mechanics, and action-packed combat, the game is sure to appeal to all audiences.

Create your own Tiny Gladiator, equip them with powerful weapons and armor, and start defeating your enemies! Earn experience and get awesome loot for your victories, use them to advance through the story-based single-player campaign.

The game comes to the Nintendo Switch with a huge amount of new premium features. Thanks to the brand-new local co-op players can join forces and defeat waves of enemies together. With multiple characters to choose from (including ones not available in single-player!), skills to unlock and equipment to buy, no two games are ever the same!

Tiny Gladiators on Nintendo Switch also features local versus multiplayer and a completely new progression system that makes playing the game on the console a blast! The control scheme has been redesigned from the ground up to make fighting more exciting and visceral than ever.

All of the new features and improvements combined with 195 levels, 22 bosses, and a vast number of unlockables makes Tiny Gladiators on the Nintendo Switch the ultimate version of the game!

Click to watch the trailer for Tiny Gladiators on Nintendo Switch:

Tiny Gladiators on Nintendo on the Nintendo Online Store

Tiny Gladiators comes to Nintendo Switch on November 22nd with pre-orders starting now.